Hon. Semisi Sika

Hon. Semisi Sika

Claims are before the Supreme Court of Tonga against Rugby League leaders, Hon. Semisi Sika, first Defendant, Mr. Stan Moheloa, Second Defendant, and Tonga National Rugby League Incorporated Society, Third Defendant, alleging the Defendants have not been transparent or accountable as to how money of the Rugby League Society was disbursed and reported.

It is claimed that the First and Second Defendant had control over the finances of the Society, where the disbursements of the funds from the Society’s account was never disclosed, and there were no sufficient reports to inform the Directors and Members of how that money was being used or spent.

The Plaintiffs are Silivenusi Taumoepeau, Tavake Fangupo, and Taufa Fukofuka.

First Defendant Hon. Semisi Sika is a Member of Parliament, and Chair of the Full House Committee. His co-defendant, Mr. Stan Moheloa is a local businessman in Nuku’alofa.

The Plaintiffs plead that the Defendants have breached the Society’s Constitution and the Act and have acted in a manner that is contrary to the interests of the Society and its Members.

The Defence denies this allegation.

The Society’s Constitution states that the Board shall manage the funds of the Society, and the Board must pass all accounts for payment.

The evidence of Mr. Taumoepeau states that there has been a failure by the First and Second Defendants to account for how the money of the Society had been spent, and failed to disclose financial information during the period 10 August 2012 through to 1 March 2013. This was the time he was appointed Vice President.

The Plaintiffs provided copies of cheques of varying amounts cashed in the last two months of 2012, but there are no invoices, or receipts produced by the Defendants to explain the cheques, which were signed by the Second Defendant and the Secretary.

It is claimed that over $60,000 pa’anga of Rugby League funds are unaccounted for.

The case before the Supreme Court, which started last week, continues this week.


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