Mele Lausiva Manu

Mele Lausiva Manu


A woman teacher (41) died after she was electrocuted outside her home when she unplugged a power extension cord at Tupou College, Toloa, on Tuesday morning, 15 March.

Tonga Police confirmed the victim was Mele Lausiva Felemi Manu, a teacher at the all boys’ secondary boarding school administered by the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga.

The accident happened just after 7:00am. The house where she lived in with her family was newly constructed and had no electricity connection. The family used the power through an extension cord wire from a neighbouring home. The connection of the extension cords was situated outside.

“She came out this morning and unplugged the connection of the extension cords outside leading to her electrocution. The power connection was still on,” said police.

Mele from Tatakamotonga was a wife and mother of three children.


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