Fiji smashes Tonga A

The Tonga A rugby team will return home without a win, after loosing to Junior Japan 8-26 in their first game at the World Rugby Pacific Challenge in Suva, Fiji.

In their second game, Samoa A totally humiliated them with a 50-0 victory, and then the Fiji Warriors, who has never lost a game destroyed Tonga A 56-18. It should be noted to Tonga A’s credit that they scored two tries, and kicked a couple of penalties so they are not left scoreless. But Fiji ran away with 56 points.

Of the four teams competing at the Pacific Challenge, Tonga is the only winless team, and is in last place with 0 points.

Fiji leads the competition with 15 points, Samoa A with 10, and Junior Japan with 4 points.

Samoa A and the Fiji Warriors will face each other for the final on Monday 21 March.


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